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Pressing Persimmons

13 Dec persimmon apple sauce

Every Fall, I somehow miss my chance to go apple picking in some gorgeous Georgia apple orchard. While this year is no different, I did get to do a little persimmon picking at my sister’s in-laws’ persimmon trees.

What is it? It’s actually a berry, but resembles a firm tomato or small pumpkin. Besides persimmon’s beautiful color that ranges from a light yellow-orange to a dark red-orange that’s perfect for Fall, the name translates to “divine fruit” or “the fruit of the gods.” Sweet, tangy and usually fibrous, persimmon is popular throughout Asia.

fresh picked persimmon

But beware…not all all species of persimmon are the same. The Japanese hachiya is bitter and firm at first, but softens and sweetens as it ripens. So unlike the fuyu persimmon, the hachiya specie must be completely ripe before consumption. Trust me on this one.

After a friend posted a photo of her homemade persimmon applesauce, she graciously shared her simple recipe. With just three ingredients: a handful of peeled apples, persimmon and about a cup or two of water (depending on your preference of consistency) plus a pot, persimmon applesauce is great for everyone!


I peeled both fruits, but I know some people like to keep the skin on since that’s the layer where the most nutrients are. I used two giant apples and three persimmon, but feel free to use equal parts depending on how much persimmon flavor you want to include.


Heat the fruits and water on high until it boils, then bring the heat down to low-medium and boil for another hour or until the fruits are tender. After the fruits have cooled, purée in the blender (or Vitamix), and enjoy!


This recipe is simple, delicious and such a healthy treat. Way better than store bought applesauce! I hope you enjoy.


What’s Gu’ing on?

17 Aug

Gu’s Bistro! That’s what’s goin’ on.

My co-worker and I love exploring Buford Highway and are often rewarded with great gems such as Gu’s. While I must admit that I don’t think I’ve actually had authentic Szechuan food before trying Gu’s Bistro, I am proud to check that off my list and hope to make a trip back with my friends who are always looking for a little more heat in their food.

As is expected of most great hole in the walls, Gu’s isn’t a place that’s easily spotted from the road. In fact, it’s located in a strip mall just behind the Chick-fil-A. But don’t let the exterior deceive you.


We started off with Chengdu Style Cold Noodles that had just the right amount of heat and really prepped our appetite for the following dishes.


Listed as one of the popular picks, the stuffed tofu quickly became my favorite dish (and gave my mouth a break from the spice). The tofu is stuffed with shrimp and mushrooms, fried, then served along with bok choy, bamboo shoots and more mushrooms. While I admit that I am not the biggest tofu fan, I couldn’t help but have a change of heart for tofu dishes after the first bite.The soft and firm tofu is pairs well with its stuffing and encased in the fried tofu.


We also tried the Chengdu Dumplings served in red chili oil. Although the red chili oil is usually served as a condiment at most other places or sometimes only available upon request, these dumplings were served in a bowl of the hot liquid. >__< But have no fear, this dish can also be served in chicken soup or hot & sour soup for milder options.

Not pictured is the Cumin Lamb that is appropriately labeled with two chili peppers on the menu and cooked just long enough that the meat is soft and not chewy. Highly suggested for the lamb fans. Hope you get a chance to check this place out the next time you’re in the area!

Gu’s Bistro
5750 Buford Hwy NE, Suite A
Doraville, GA 30340

DIY Fresh Spring Rolls

1 Jul

Sorry for the recent hiatus from posting. This blog is the first of more to surely come and is also my first attempt at posting via mobile (aka my iPod). Hope you enjoy!

I’ve visited Nam Phuong (one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants) on Buford Highway twice since it has opened and have received both great food and service every time! The first and original location is located on Jimmy Carter.

On my most recent visit, a co-worker and I decided to split the self-prepared fresh spring rolls (aka goi cuon). Below you will see the spring wrappers to right on top of a bowl of hot water used to soften the wrapper. The giant plate is filled with our fillings of vegetables, pork, shrimp, and beef wrapped in grape leaves. On the far left are the fish and peanut dipping sauces.


To start, place a spring roll wrapper in the hot water by placing half in the water and twisting through the water until completely wet. The wrapper will soften slightly but will maintain rigidity and should be laid out on your plate immediately. From here, select your fillings such as mint, cucumbers, sliced carrots, lettuce, sugar cane, angel hair rice noodles and your choice of pork, shrimp, beef. Place these ingredients in the middle or slightly to make the folding easier. You can even sprinkle a little of the sauces or save it for dipping.

To wrap or fold, pull one side if the wrapper completely over your fillings and pull tightly. Close the ends (similar to how you would wrap a burrito) and continue folding until it is completely closed. Here’s what my first attempt looked like.


To get a better view of your filling choices, here’s a closeup.


Although it’s enough for two, we were both stuffed with enough leftovers to make two-three more rolls and would recommend this only if you’re comfortable with touching your food and have more than an hour for your meal. Not featured were our jackfruit and avocado bubble shakes which I am sure also helped ensure we were adequately full.

Nam Phuong – http://www.namphuongatlanta.com/
4051 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA