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Superfraiche at the Drunken Unicorn

19 Aug

For my first ‘fun’ post, I am glad I was able to make it out for the first Superfraiche (pronounced “fresh”) pop concert in Atlanta hosted by pop blogger ¬†After hosting Superfraiche in New York and Los Angeles, Arjanwrites was finally able to bring the show to the city where he resides.

Although I was not sure what to expect at the Drunken Unicorn and clearly parked in the wrong place at first, I had a great time and a pretty good view.  Check out my pictures below of the Canadian group, Dragonette.

And to top off the night, we did a well needed Krispy Kreme doughnut run on Ponce. The best tip I recieved regarding parking in the future is to park at the Kroger across the street. There are cops in the area and they won’t tow compared to the nearby restaurants.

Have you been to any concerts lately?


Hello world!

13 Aug

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