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Pressing Persimmons

13 Dec persimmon apple sauce

Every Fall, I somehow miss my chance to go apple picking in some gorgeous Georgia apple orchard. While this year is no different, I did get to do a little persimmon picking at my sister’s in-laws’ persimmon trees.

What is it? It’s actually a berry, but resembles a firm tomato or small pumpkin. Besides persimmon’s beautiful color that ranges from a light yellow-orange to a dark red-orange that’s perfect for Fall, the name translates to “divine fruit” or “the fruit of the gods.” Sweet, tangy and usually fibrous, persimmon is popular throughout Asia.

fresh picked persimmon

But beware…not all all species of persimmon are the same. The Japanese hachiya is bitter and firm at first, but softens and sweetens as it ripens. So unlike the fuyu persimmon, the hachiya specie must be completely ripe before consumption. Trust me on this one.

After a friend posted a photo of her homemade persimmon applesauce, she graciously shared her simple recipe. With just three ingredients: a handful of peeled apples, persimmon and about a cup or two of water (depending on your preference of consistency) plus a pot, persimmon applesauce is great for everyone!


I peeled both fruits, but I know some people like to keep the skin on since that’s the layer where the most nutrients are. I used two giant apples and three persimmon, but feel free to use equal parts depending on how much persimmon flavor you want to include.


Heat the fruits and water on high until it boils, then bring the heat down to low-medium and boil for another hour or until the fruits are tender. After the fruits have cooled, purée in the blender (or Vitamix), and enjoy!


This recipe is simple, delicious and such a healthy treat. Way better than store bought applesauce! I hope you enjoy.