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Feeling Stood Up…Like the NYC Marathoners

5 Nov

Ok, so maybe I haven’t been training for the NYC marathon and I didn’t invest finances and travel costs just to find out that the world renown race would be cancelled the Friday before the race. BUT, I did wake up at 5 :15 a.m. to get to the 6 a.m. boot camp just to find one other person waiting…and it wasn’t the instructor. 😦 In search of inspiration, I checked out the NY Times article titled, “NYC Marathon Runners Find Their Own Way to Run — and Give Back.”

Instead of the 26.2-mile run, these “runners” delivered donated supplies from blankets and Home Depot gift cards to the destroyed homes of Staten Island residents in a 15-mile route. Instead of the physical and mental obstacles the runners had been training for, many of the international and domestic runners spent the day helping residents in the destroyed area.

This got me thinking, what’s my purpose for running and training? Is it just for myself or are there people and causes bigger than myself that I could and should be running/training for? My first reaction is that I should only run races that have some charitable cause behind it and not just the races with really neat giveaway items (such as the Hot Chocolate Run’s tech hoodie) or the races that make me look like a super fun person on Facebook (such as the Zombie Run or Disney Princess Half Marathon).

But on second thought, why would I run a race that I do not have motivation for? There’s nothing wrong with running these courses that challenge me or wanting a really sweet goody bag at the end of the race, but I still want to find something bigger than myself because I know that I run for fitness and overall well-being while others run for their lives, their job or their country. (Yes, I am still on a bit of the Olympics high, but I hold Olympicans and Paraolympians in very high regard.) I haven’t found the answer in the past hour since I read the article, but hope you let this ruminate throughout of your next run or workout.

And with that, I raise my grande Starbucks creme brulee half empty holiday cup to the NYC marathon runners who ran an impromptu relief run.