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Sorry for the absence.

27 Jan

Sorry I’ve been gone, but it has been pretty hard to find free wifi during the holidays. What few times I had, I mostly spent searching and applying for jobs in California and Atlanta. Needless to say, I am back in Georgia and not happy about putting up the flip flops and shorts for boots, sweats and layers of clothing at every waking moment. See the proof below.

While visiting family in Chula Vista in San Diego, I finally got to eat at a taco truck. Although we were still full from our late brunch at IHOP, we couldn’t resist trying at least one fish taco that was both recommended by my cousin and had a pretty long line for 2 p.m. Other tacos I hope to taste from a taco truck one day include the gobernador, swordfish and any other taco that costs almost $6. Each taco also comes with a delicious soup that is so hot they must keep a giant pot of this stuff boiling. My cup of soup is found by my feet in the previous picture.

And finally on Convoy Street, we tried a delicious Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant called Phuong something. I had the bun tom thit nuong dish that consists of barbeque pork and shrimperved over dry vermicelli noodles and thinly sliced veggies. Served with lettuce, cucumber, carrots and special seasoned sauce. We also had cha gio,  which are egg rolls for appetizers!

To end the evening, we had boba from Tapioca Express and frozen. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed all the food pictures! I’d love to hear of your favorite places in San Diego. Just leave a message in the comment box.