Where It All Began

Although I wanted to start a blog about things I enjoy, I was always afraid of not having enough content to sustain the site and maintain readers. Thinking of something cute and catchy, I thought of my hunger to try food in and around the Atlanta area, my love for being fit and overall adventures during my final semester in college (hopefully). As a recent college grad, I enjoy the city life and all it has to offer on a tight budget. (If I were any better in math, I would’ve aspired to be an accountant.)

Who Am I?

I am a young Public Relations and Marketing entry-level professional. Aside from my passion for PR, I love swimming, running (sometimes) and staying fit, trying new restaurants and different types of food and of course exploring. Although I’m told I’m not the best cook, I do enjoy experimenting and often whip up something fried/baked with carbs and veggies on the side. With my magic bullet, I enjoy making my own salsas, smoothies with various fruits and other concoctions.

I’d love to hear about your restaurant suggestions, recipes and workouts or favorite exercise spots. Send me a message. 🙂


The views and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not represent the views of employers, family or friends. Thank you.


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