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Happy Waffle Day! March 25

25 Mar

I was looking for food holidays and found this!

Not only am I more of a waffle person than I am a pancake person, but I found it ironic that I ate my go-to breakfast meal as I rushed out the door this morning.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Waffle Sandwich.

Basically, start with Belgian Waffles (six in a package at Kroger). As I’m changing, I pop it in the oven so there’s a little crunch and so my filling won’t run all over my hands. I prefer the honey peanut butter with the chunks of peanuts and raspberry preserves (so I tell myself I’m eating a healthier option). I then place my waffle sandwich along the lower half of a sheet of foil and fold up to the middle of the sandwich so I have a something to hold and finish wrapping the top to fully protect it. This way, I can eat my twist to the traditional PB&J with coffee whenever I get stuck in Atlanta traffic. I’d post a pic, but I ate it.  😉

Believe me, it’s muy delicioso!

My other favorite waffle toppings include nutella, strawberries, bananas, ice cream and almonds. My favorite waffle dessert is a waffle sandwich ice cream from the carnivals and fairs!


BYOB- Bring your own bottle of wine that is…

22 Mar

Although I wish I could take credit for discovering these hidden gems, a few friends actually found these restaurants where guests are welcome to bring their own bottle of wine, kept chilled if necessary and most importantly, NO CORKING FEE!

Thai Silk Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar (formerly Rama 5 of Thailand)

318 E Paces Ferry Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305

It was a small group of ladies and perfect for the Monday and Tuesday special: $20 for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees. (Check out the specials menu online.) Although we weren’t aware of the BYOBottle, we still had a great time enjoying both the food and company. My dinner partner and I split the larb consisting of spiced ground pork with red onions served over lettuce with a side of sliced cabbage leaves eaten like a mini sushi roll or eggroll.

Other dishes included stir fried dishes, the 4 most popular types of curry(masaman, yellow, panang and green), popular noodles dishes such as pad thai and fried rice (including pineapple fried rice).

spiced ground pork with red onions


My fellow dinner mates also allowed me to take photos of their dishes.

Chicken Pad Prik (stir fried dish with green beans, onions)

Red curry with red and green bell peppers

Chicken Curry with avocados


Panahar Bangladesh Cuisine

3375 Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30329

This Bangladesh restaurant apparently serves a lunch buffet on weekdays, but is packed on weekend evenings (weekend reservations suggested). Bringing our own riesling and beer, the staff kept the beer chilled and did not charge a corking fee. With a group of seven, we were intially going to let our Indian friend choose a few items from the menu for us to share family style. Upon hearing that it was our first time at the restaurant, the friendly and talkative gentlemen offered to select a variety of dishes for us based on a budget we set per person. Figuring “why not?” we gave it a shot.

Mulligatawny Soup (orange lentils, tomatoes, lemon, cumin and spices)


Sample of the spread

 They brought out the mulligatawny soup (orange lentils, tomatoes, lemon juice and cumin) as our appetizer followed by two beef dishes, two chicken dishes, two goat dishes, two plates of the creamed spinach with homemade cheese, the rice with peas, soft and fluffy naan with cheese and green onions and roti for each side of the table. For Dessert, they served the ball of sweetened bread (whose name I cannot recall).

Hope this post made your mouth water! While you’re here, I want to know your favorite BYOB in Atlanta! Is it one of the restaurants above, the pizza joint by GaTech (Antica Pizza on Hemphill) or a hole in the wall you’re dying to share?

To Join or Not to Join?

10 Mar

Gym membership

With my big girl full-time job, I decided I needed to join a gym to force myself to stay in shape. In searching for the nearest gyms to both where I live and work, I was able to narrow it down to LA Fitness and Bally’s. After polling my Twitter and Facebook friends, LA Fitness was the clear winner.

I’ve officially had my membership for a month now and, although I do NOT have buyer’s remorse, would like to reflect on what I’ve done and what I’ve failed to do. To begin with, the membership was a lot more expensive than I thought it’d be. There’s the one time initiation fee that I couldn’t get waived, but did get a little upgrade to a premium account so I can visit any gym location and not just the one by my house! (I’m really looking forward to trying an LA Fitness in LA!) Then, there’s the monthly fee that I did expect and slowly but surely I’ve seen the withdrawals from my bank account.

With the new work schedule and dealing with Atlanta traffic, I’ve been trying to set a workout schedule either before or after work. When I do make it in, it’s a battle. In the evenings, I’m fighting for a machine. In the mornings, I’m fighting for a shower, blow dryer or simply space for my bag.

At the local gym, I’ve been running into former classmates, siblings of friends and even some of my friends’ parents which can be both a good and bad thing. I often welcome the excuse to stop for a brief chat when I’m done with my sets.  At the gym by the office, everyone is either so self-absorbed or chatting away with their workout buddy (which just reminds me that I don’t have a buddy).

At the school gym, I was able to bring up to 2 guests for $5 each at any time. With my new membership, I can only bring a friend once with a pass or put them on my VIP list. Under my VIP list, a guest can come with me for 2 consecutive weeks then wait 6 months before visiting again.

Looking at the free class schedule, I had gotten pretty excited about the spin, latin heat and cardio kickboxing classes, but haven’t gotten a chance to try any out. Either the timing doesn’t fit my schedule or I feel I could get a tougher workout by myself. Don’t worry, I will try the classes at some point or another. The one class that I really wish they had is Zumba so I can get my dance and workout on at the same time! (My sister just took a class and even got compliments from the teacher and was happily sore the next day.)

Aside from location, cleanliness, large lockers & showers… there has to be a pool. Despite the fact that I have taught at many different pool sizes and knew that any other pool with less than 8 lanes and no diving well would be a downgrade, the pool comes short of my hopes. The pool does not invite or even beckon my name like pools end up doing, however, I will hit the waters sooner or later. (Just hoping I don’t smell like chlorine at work.)

That’s my assessment of my new gym membership. I’d love to know  your favorite gym, machine or even workout song that keeps you pumped!