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Year of the Rabbit with Dragon? (Fruit that is)

3 Feb

Dragon fruit

I’d rather eat fruits instead of vegetables any day. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity to try a new fruit, I go for it. When we saw a couple each pick out their own dragon fruit, my papa and I wanted to try it as well. What is most attractive about this fruit is the bright pink color with green tipped leaves. Although it’s called a fruit, the plant is a type of cactus grown in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Mexico and Israel.  Big thanks to for teaching me about this delicious fruit. (

Don't worry, seeds are edible and barely noticeable just like in a kiwi

Although we probably should have done a little research on how to eat it and choose a ripe dragon fruit, we simply asked the couple how they eat the dragon fruit and got tips on how to choose. We simply halved the drago fruit, ate each half with a spoon, then compared to see who had the cleanest “shell”.

Although meat of the fruit is a bit gritty like a pear (yet not even close to the korean pear), it’s a little sweet and seedy like a kiwi. The first fruit that  came to mind is actually the jicama (great for mixing with other flavors) because of the water-like juice and texture. Best part? There are lots of nutrients, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, fiber and antioxidants. But try it yourself or use it for blind taste games and see who can guess it.

Which half do you think I finished?