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Hot Chocolate Run 5K 2015

1 Apr

Probably my coldest run to date, this year’s Hot Chocolate Run 15k/5k was a lot colder (33 F) than the run two years ago when we last ran it. But running with a great partner, joking around, and my awesome new zip up hoodie makes it all worth it!

Parking? We always try to go prepaid to avoid the headache. This year, we parked off of Ralph Abernathy and exiting was a breeze. And the 5-minute walk to the site wasn’t too bad.

It’s all about the “base”
The biggest takeaway from this race was the importance of having the right equipement. While shoes are important, so is having the proper base and outer layers (for when you get too hot or the temperature rises), head wear (hat or beanie), gloves and pockets for storing necessities.

The last time I ran the race, it was too warm for January (temperatures close to 70 I believe), but I was dressed with a thick base layer underneath a fleece tech hoodie. I ended up sweating profusely to the point where I felt like it was Spring within the first mile.


This year, I had my Underarmour base layer which I use for snowboarding under the full-zip fleece hoodie that all runners received. While it was chilly in the morning! The zipper and layers were perfect post-race while we enjoyed our hot chocolate and snacks!