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Pirates at the Renaissance Festival

25 May

It was a great weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (Pirates weekend) in Fairburn. Despite the 91 degree weather, my boyfriend and I had a great time playing medieval style games, watching acrobatic performances, jousting, checking out the different shops and vendors and of course, eating a giant turkey leg!

My bf and I are pretty competitive and are big on games. With that said, we each played the dunk booth, archery with 16 arrows each, ninja stars and Pogs also did the knife throw. I actuall ended up with a pretty nasty bruise from minhandling the bow, but I have much more respect for anyone who competes in archery or even plays one in movies.

My tip: pull as far back as possible with the arrow hand and hold both arms as steady as possible. ūüôā

I admire all the “costumed characters” and performers who not only entertained us, but dressed in layers and costume to maintain the Renaissance feel. My favorite shows to watch were the jousting/sword fight and the acrobatics. But don’t take my word for it. ¬†*wink*

My tip: In attempting to land in the star, keep the trajectory of the ninja star and distance to your target in mind. Secondly, hope for pure luck.

By purchasing our tickets online, we saved $2 each and didn’t even worry about falling in line. It’s a great event for all ages and still quite a crowd on a Sunday afternoon. Be sure to stop by before they June 10. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


BYOB- Bring your own bottle of wine that is…

22 Mar

Although I wish I could take credit for discovering these hidden gems, a few friends actually found these restaurants where guests are welcome to bring their own bottle of wine, kept chilled if necessary and most importantly, NO CORKING FEE!

Thai Silk Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar (formerly Rama 5 of Thailand)

318 E Paces Ferry Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305

It was a small group of ladies and perfect for the Monday and Tuesday special: $20 for 1 appetizer, 2 entrees. (Check out the specials menu online.) Although we weren’t aware of the BYOBottle, we still had a great time enjoying both the food and company. My dinner partner and I split the larb consisting of spiced ground pork with red onions served over lettuce with a side of sliced cabbage leaves eaten like a mini sushi roll or eggroll.

Other dishes included stir fried dishes, the 4 most popular types of curry(masaman, yellow, panang and green), popular noodles dishes such as pad thai and fried rice (including pineapple fried rice).

spiced ground pork with red onions


My fellow dinner mates also allowed me to take photos of their dishes.

Chicken Pad Prik (stir fried dish with green beans, onions)

Red curry with red and green bell peppers

Chicken Curry with avocados


Panahar Bangladesh Cuisine

3375 Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30329

This Bangladesh restaurant apparently serves a lunch buffet on weekdays, but is packed on weekend evenings (weekend reservations suggested). Bringing our own riesling and beer, the staff kept the beer chilled and did not charge a corking fee. With a group of seven, we were intially going to let our Indian friend choose a few items from the menu for us to share family style. Upon hearing that it was our first time at the restaurant, the friendly and talkative gentlemen offered to select a variety of dishes for us based on a budget we set per person. Figuring “why not?” we gave it a shot.

Mulligatawny Soup (orange lentils, tomatoes, lemon, cumin and spices)


Sample of the spread

 They brought out the mulligatawny soup (orange lentils, tomatoes, lemon juice and cumin) as our appetizer followed by two beef dishes, two chicken dishes, two goat dishes, two plates of the creamed spinach with homemade cheese, the rice with peas, soft and fluffy naan with cheese and green onions and roti for each side of the table. For Dessert, they served the ball of sweetened bread (whose name I cannot recall).

Hope this post made your mouth water! While you’re here, I want to know your favorite BYOB in Atlanta! Is it one of the restaurants above, the pizza joint by GaTech (Antica Pizza on Hemphill) or a hole in the wall you’re dying to share?

Year of the Rabbit with Dragon? (Fruit that is)

3 Feb

Dragon fruit

I’d rather eat fruits instead of vegetables any day. Therefore, whenever I have the opportunity to try a new fruit, I go for it. When we saw a couple each pick out their own dragon fruit, my papa and I wanted to try it as well. What is most attractive about this fruit is the bright pink color with green tipped leaves. Although it’s called a fruit, the plant is a type of cactus grown in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Mexico and Israel.¬† Big thanks to for teaching me about this delicious fruit. (

Don't worry, seeds are edible and barely noticeable just like in a kiwi

Although we probably should have done a little research on how to eat it and choose a ripe dragon fruit, we simply asked the couple how they eat the dragon fruit and got tips on how to choose. We simply halved the drago fruit, ate¬†each half¬†with a spoon, then compared to see who had the cleanest “shell”.

Although meat of the fruit is¬†a bit¬†gritty like a pear (yet not even close¬†to the¬†korean pear), it’s a little sweet and seedy like a kiwi.¬†The first fruit that ¬†came to mind is actually the jicama (great for mixing with other flavors) because of the water-like juice and texture. Best part? There are lots of nutrients, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, fiber and antioxidants. But try it yourself or use it for blind taste games and see who can guess it.

Which half do you think I finished?

Sorry for the absence.

27 Jan

Sorry I’ve been gone, but it has been pretty hard to find free wifi during the holidays. What few times I had, I mostly spent searching and applying for jobs in California and Atlanta. Needless to say, I am back in Georgia and not happy about putting up the flip flops and shorts for boots, sweats and layers of clothing at every waking moment. See the proof below.

While visiting family in Chula Vista in San Diego, I finally got to eat at a taco truck. Although we were still full from our late brunch at IHOP, we couldn’t resist trying at least one fish taco that was both recommended by my cousin and had a pretty long line for 2 p.m. Other tacos I hope to taste from a taco truck one day include the gobernador, swordfish and any other taco that costs almost $6. Each taco also comes with a delicious soup that is so hot they must keep a giant pot of this stuff boiling. My cup of soup is found by my feet in the previous picture.

And finally on Convoy Street, we tried a delicious Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant called Phuong something. I had the bun tom thit nuong dish that consists of barbeque pork and shrimperved over dry vermicelli noodles and thinly sliced veggies. Served with lettuce, cucumber, carrots and special seasoned sauce. We also had cha gio,  which are egg rolls for appetizers!

To end the evening, we had boba from Tapioca Express and frozen. ūüôā Hope you enjoyed all the food pictures! I’d love to hear of your favorite places in San Diego. Just leave a message in the comment box.

Chomp & Stomp

15 Nov

Last weekend, a friend and I went to the 8th annual Cabbagetown Chomp & Stomp in Atlanta. Sadly, we missed the 5K run AND the chili cook-off ¬†samplings, but there were still lots of music, beer and sunshine. For the future, I’ll be sure to arrive earlier and bring my own plastic spoon for the tastings.

From the scraps and remains, the 5K race begins at 8 a.m. followed by awards and¬†the festival kicking off at 11 a.m. At noon, the public is able to sample individuals’ and restaurants’ simmering chili. In between the bluegrass performances, there are games such as “bobbing for brussel sprouts” in honor of the name Cabbagetown. LOL!

Although the main attraction¬†is the chili and beer, there were suprisingly a lot of families with young children.¬† There was even a mini “circus” for entertainment with an elephant.¬† In perusing through the arts & crafts, there were lots of interesting artwork, great gift ideas, recycled materials turned into purses and household items, and an earring holder made of vintage scarves I was tempted to purchase.


The Lady’s Brunch Burger?

4 Nov

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and I drove to South Carolina to visit a friend for her birthday. Aside from the birthday celebration, the next biggest attraction was going to the state fair.

I love going to the fair, eating typical fair food along with the creative concoctions and trying my hardest to win at least ONE¬†prize (although I feel almost everything is rigged besides the kiddie pop the balloon or pick-a-duck games). Having attended the Strawberry and Lobster Festivals in California, our friend Kriska, really got us excited about the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger! Before even trying any games or rides, the “heartburn” burger was our first stop.

This is basically the only warning sign you get.If only you could hear the sizzle and smell the sugar.

If only you could hear the sizzle and smell the sugar.

Served in a KK paper hat!

Instant aversion or watering mouth?

¬†Aside from two bites, I basically finished the entire thing. Although there were 6 of us total in our group, Kriska and I were the only ones who were really interested in the Krispy Kreme doughnut burger or according to Paula Dean, “the lady’s brunch burger.”

Check out Paula Dean’s recipe here with a sunny side up egg!¬† And a big thanks to Kriska for sending me this link!

Tip of the Day:

Just in case you ever want to sneak your drink into a ferris wheel booth, simply insert the cup with lip into your back pocket. If available, conceal with a jacket. I can’t promise that this will always work or that the drink WON’T spill, but it definitely worked for me.

All I need is a jacket.


Do you have any favorite festival or fair food? I’d love to see your favorites and hopefully try them as well!

Classic favorites: funnel cake, strawberry shortcake, Belgian waffle ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers, candied apples, etc.