Pirates at the Renaissance Festival

25 May

It was a great weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (Pirates weekend) in Fairburn. Despite the 91 degree weather, my boyfriend and I had a great time playing medieval style games, watching acrobatic performances, jousting, checking out the different shops and vendors and of course, eating a giant turkey leg!

My bf and I are pretty competitive and are big on games. With that said, we each played the dunk booth, archery with 16 arrows each, ninja stars and Pogs also did the knife throw. I actuall ended up with a pretty nasty bruise from minhandling the bow, but I have much more respect for anyone who competes in archery or even plays one in movies.

My tip: pull as far back as possible with the arrow hand and hold both arms as steady as possible. 🙂

I admire all the “costumed characters” and performers who not only entertained us, but dressed in layers and costume to maintain the Renaissance feel. My favorite shows to watch were the jousting/sword fight and the acrobatics. But don’t take my word for it.  *wink*

My tip: In attempting to land in the star, keep the trajectory of the ninja star and distance to your target in mind. Secondly, hope for pure luck.

By purchasing our tickets online, we saved $2 each and didn’t even worry about falling in line. It’s a great event for all ages and still quite a crowd on a Sunday afternoon. Be sure to stop by before they June 10. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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